Heel Nipper's Australian Cattle Dogs



Welcome to our puppy page.  To view our puppies please visit our photo gallery or check out what we have currently available below.

The purchase of an ACD puppy is a commitment so don't enter into it lightly.  These little spitfires require a lot of structure and firm but fair corrections for the first few years of their lives.  I highly recommend bringing your little hellion to a puppy kindergarten or beginners obedience class.  It is very important to socialize them early on with other people and dogs.  The more exposure the better. Don't be surprised if your adorable ball of energy shows some undesirable traits such as biting, chewing, digging and other behaviors that will be sure to keep you on your toes. Asserting yourself as "Alpha" from the get go is fundamental (Refer to the article "A Lesson In Becoming Alpha").  Believe me you don't want them thinking they run the show.

Each litter at Heel Nipper's is carefully planned for the future of our breeding program.  Puppies are born and raised in our home.  They are socialized to the max by our 4 children, friends, and exposed to the other dogs.

Please do not wait till the last minute to contact us.  We want to make sure that your are informed and prepared to bring one of our puppies home.  We also would like enough time to get to know you to make sure we have the RIGHT puppy that fits into your lifestyle.  We do ask those interested in a puppy to e-mail us for our questionnaire.  However, we DO NOT take "pizza orders" for puppies.  Yes, we can assure you that if you want a blue you will get a blue, if you want a male you will get a male, etc.  Beyond that we do our best to match your personality with that of the puppy and that may not come with the "markings" you desire.  We do encourage those interested in the breed to come out for a visit to meet us and our dogs.  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and the dogs love an excuse to play. :-)

We take a limited number of deposits on puppies AFTER they have whelped.  We only accept deposits from those that have been screened as a potential home for one of our furbabies. We retain the right NOT to sell you a puppy if we believe it would not be a good match.  We do keep a list of prospective buyers so after the puppies are born we can let you know if we feel there is going to be one available for you in that litter.

At 4 to 5 weeks of age we encourage our prospective parents to come for a visit to interact with the puppies.  This is when they are just beginning to be more active and play.  At 7-8 weeks of age they are taken for their BAER test.  Once this is completed I can make my pick from the litter then those on the waiting list who have been approved will be contacted and invited for a visit before bringing home their new addition.
All puppies purchased from Heel Nipper's come with a binding contract.  Pet puppies are sold with limited registration on a spay/neuter agreement.  Puppy's will have been wormed and had their first set(s) of shots.  They will also be BAER tested, vet checked, and microchipped prior to leaving for their new homes.  Copies of the parent's health clearances are made available to you at your request.

Lastly, I firmly believe a dog is what you make them so why not make them the best they can be?  All it takes is a little time and effort on the owner's part.   If you don't have the time or the will to work with your dog for even 10 short minutes a day then you should reconsider adding an ACD to your family.

Please visit our links page to view some wonderful resources.  They make a great guideline to follow for raising your ACD. 


If you feel you might be interested in one of our pups or dogs, please feel free to e-mail heelnippersacd@msn.com with your inquiry, and we'll be happy to discuss companions that are currently available or future litter plans.  Our puppies are normally reserved in advance therefore if you would like to be considered for an upcoming litter contact us ahead of time. *Please note that position on our waiting list is determined by date of initial contact and if a completed questionnaire is on file.  We welcome working, competition and family homes for our pups.

3 males and 3 females born 6/13/15.  We will be contacting those on our waiting list with more information.