Heel Nipper's Australian Cattle Dogs

Our ACDs

We have down sized our breeding program.  Many of the dogs listed here have been adopted and found wonderful homes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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CH Drywood's Ace Of Hearts

DOB 5/1/2000
Sire: CH Silver Hills Ace In The Hole
Dam: Silver Hills Chelsea
BAER-Normal, CERF'd, OFA-G, Prcd-B

CH Drywood's HN Indian Outlaw


DOB 1/24/2003
Sire: CH Drywood's Bareback Jack
Dam: WK's Spec A Blu Tradition
BAER-Normal,CERF'd,Prcd-A,OFA Pre-Good

HN Caches Grab Em By The Horns

DOB 4/27/2013
Sire: My Dog Dallas
Dam: Caches Tugging At My Heart
Prcd-B, PLL-Normal/Clear

Heel Nipper's Going Against The Grain

   "Rebel" - ADOPTED
   DOB 7/26/2014
   Sire: HN Caches Grab Em By The Horns
   Dam: Heel Nipper's Lil Bitta Hellfire
   BAER-Normal, Prcd-A or B

Heel Nipper's Little Witch

   DOB 3/21/2008

   Sire: CH Drywood's HN Indian Outlaw
   Dam: OnTheGo's HN Charmed One
   BAER-Normal, Prcd-obligate A

Austlyn's Nip'n Onya Heels

    "Onya" - ADOPTED
    DOB 3/10/2011
    Sire:  CH Austlyn N Livewire Flying Ace
    Dam:  Austlyn's Blue Diamond
    BAER-Normal, Prcd-B, PLL-Normal/Clear

Heel Nipper's Lil Bitta Hellfire


"Scarlett" - ADOPTED

DOB 3/31/2012
Sire: CH Heel Nipper's Raze'N'Hell 
Dam: Heel Nipper's Little Witch
BAER-Normal, Prcd-A, PLL-Carrier

Caches Something Wicca This Way Comes

"Piper II" - ADOPTED
DOB 7/1/2012
Sire: Ringos Diamond Cache
Dam: Bleu Moon's Shilling Revelations
Prcd - 

Cache's A Charming Tale Of Two Moons

   "Prue" - ADOPTED
   DOB 9/23/2012
   Sire: Ringos Diamond Cache
   Dam: Blue Moon's Color My World
   Prcd - 

Past Dogs

CH Drywood's HN Indian Outlaw

CH Drywood's Ace of Hearts

CH Heel Nipper's Raze N' Hell

CH Four D's Back In Time, CGC

CH Heel Nipper's Sparkz A Flyin

OnTheGo's HN Charmed One

Arohne Boot Scoot'n Boogie

CH Downey's Kiss Of Fire

Heel Nipper's Little Witch

Heel Nipper's Nykee