Heel Nipper's Australian Cattle Dogs

About Us

I have been involved with the Australian Cattle Dog since childhood.  My first introduction to the breed was an ACD cross named Sasha owned by my father and his wife.  They had rescued her from a shelter when they lived in Arizona.  She made a huge impression on everyone she met including my mother.

Our first dogs came to us from California by way of a cattle farmer my mother knew in Spencer, MA..  Never had I seen dogs like these two little red pups.  As they grew they showed tremendous herding ability.  It wasn't long before they were rounding up the horses.  We'd just call "get em up" and soon the horses would be at the barn for feeding.  Ramsey and Kelpie made quite a team.  They were not only hard working dogs but beloved family companions.  They will always be remembered in our hearts.

Even after venturing out on my own I could not imagine owning another breed.  I had been exposed to quite a few different breeds but none stuck to me like the ACD.  They do call them velcro dogs you know.  Ha! Ha! Ha!

After purchasing our first AKC registered ACD we knew it was just time before we added another to our family.  So our search began.  After many phone calls, e-mails, and paperwork not just one but two cattledogs joined our happy home.

It wasn't long before we were bitten by the show bug.  We entered our first competition and won.  So we were hooked.  Soon we had all three in the ring.  It's been quite an adventure and we have met some wonderful people along the way.

Those who have chosen to share their lives with an ACD know a loving, athletic, playful, courageous, tough, and intelligent animal.  They bond strongly to their family but they must know that YOU are boss.  ACD's are devoted and loyal to their master.  Hence their protectiveness when family or property is threatened.  Australian Cattle Dogs are also very versatile.  They are not only awesome working dogs but they make wonderful family pets too.

If you think the ACD may be the breed for you... PLEASE do your homework!!  Ask lots of questions.  Most reputable breeders will give you the "Third Degree" since they want to make sure that their puppies go to the right home.  They will also aide in determining if the ACD is a breed that fits with your needs.  The Australian Cattle Dog is not for everyone.  Owning one of these amazing animals is a commitment.  They have an extreme amount of energy and very active minds.  All of which need to be stimulated.  ACD's were bred to "work" so they need to be given a job to do.  Be it chasing tennis balls, going for a daily run, herding, etc.  These dogs don't always get along with each other or other breeds and they do have a tendency for same sex aggression.  They need a pack leader, YOU must be willing to be the ALPHA of the pack.  Far too many ACD's wind up in RESCUE so be sure you know what you are getting into before you get one.  *Please note... ANY DOG that leaves our kennel is always welcome to come home if their new home doesn't work out.

Our Goal

We strive to produce strong and healthy dogs.  Keeping with the breed standard without losing athletic or working ability.  Bred for temperament, quality, and type.  Dogs should excel at agility, conformation, obedience, flyball, weight-pulling, frisbee or just at being your best friend.

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Heel Nipper's ACD's
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